Inspiring, Beautiful, Breathtaking...
Live Moments from around the world

Our Travel Directors - helping us to celebrate everything that is
inspiring, beautiful, breathtaking, stunning & unforgettable on our trips​

Inspiring, Beautiful, Breathtaking...
Live Moments from around the world

Our Travel Directors - helping us to celebrate everything that is
inspiring, beautiful, breathtaking, stunning & unforgettable on our trips​

Inspiring, Beautiful, Breathtaking...
Live Moments from around the world

Our Travel Directors - helping us to celebrate everything that is
inspiring, beautiful, breathtaking, stunning & unforgettable on our trips​

Our Services


If you are searching for the best rates for your travel needs, look no further than Uniglobe Flyinstyle. Our Ticketing Services offer you a best price guarantee, and the vast network of Uniglobe counterparts around the globe ensure that we are juxtaposed to offer you the best package for all your travel needs. As an IATA accredited travel agency in Sri Lanka.

Our Booking Agents can be contacted 24 hours on all 365 days of the year, and they will ensure that you receive amazing Flight Deals as well as support in finding the most suitable itinerary. Our travel consultancy will also answer any and all travel queries that you may have, and offer advice on the best possible options for your journey.

Contact our Booking Agents directly or leave a travel enquiry online, and we will get back to you promptly.

Take the hassle out of your travel plans. Book with Uniglobe Flyinstyle.

Hotel Accommodation

We offer a wide spectrum of options when it comes to the place which will become your home away home for the duration of your vacation or business trip. Choose from a range of types of accommodation, including luxury hotels, five star resorts, Villas, Bungalows and Homestays.

Search instantly for hotel rooms available island wide through our booking agents, and compare prices to get the perfect fit for your needs. International booking are made possible through the Uniglobe network, and we are able to promise you some of the best deals anywhere in the world due to this interconnected system.

To book hotels in Sri Lanka or anywhere in the world, leave an inquiry with us and we will contact you in return with all the details you will need to know.


The world is your oyster! Just pick which country in the world or city in Sri Lanka you would like to explore, and we will customize a tour package for you. Alternatively, choose from our wide range of carefully curated experiences and tours, which have been tried and tested to provide satisfaction to travelers and tourists again and again.

Take a look at some of our most popular options below, and leave an inquiry with us and we will get back to you with all the information you need.


Be it for a tour, a corporate affair or a private function, Flyinstyle is the go to name to fulfill all your transportation requirements. We offer attractive and cost effective transport solutions within Sri Lanka as well as abroad, and our wide network of service providers offer the most competitive rates on the market.

  • Transfers to and from airport to hotel
  • Corporate transfers
  • Wedding and honeymoon transfers
  • Short duration scenic journeys
  • Regional transfers
  • International transfers

Charter flight can be arranged to any destination in Sri Lanka, and International flight booking will be handled by the agent.


We undertake booking for first-class carriages, air conditioned and dining cars and luxury train experiences in Sri Lanka. The railway is one of the most picturesque and efficient ways to absorb the atmosphere of the island within a short time span, and we are able to help you take maximum advantage from the well-connected rail system in the country.


Many options are available for overland travel in Sri Lanka, be it bus, taxi, tuktuk or a rented automobile. Road safety must be adhered to all times, and we undertake preparation of any documentation in terms of hiring or chartering of all modes of transportation.

Luxury Transportation

If you want to travel in style, with due importance given to utmost comfort and convenience, we are ready to deliver. Choose from the very best coaches, train cars and luxury yachts and cruises, and enjoy the journey as much as the destination with our luxury transportation solutions. Contact the Flyinstyle Travel Agents for more details.

Visa Consultancy

Be it for recreation, migration, work or studies, obtaining visas has become one of the greatest obstacles to peace of mind while travelling. We are fully equipped to take on the task of providing visa procurement services as well as consultations, and our dedicated agents will assist you every step of the way to ensure a smooth process.

Our agents will help collect and prepare all necessary documentation, and will carry out all the necessary procedures while requiring the minimum time and effort on your part. We specialize in obtaining visas to any part of the world, especially Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Japan, South East Asia, New Zealand, and USA among many others.

Don’t let worries about obtaining of visas keep you from fulfilling your dreams and aspirations in life. We will assist you to throughout, by providing consultation and assessment services, a document checklist as we as the visa to your hands, eliminating any additional hassle.

Travel Insurance

We partner with the nest Insurance service providers in the world, to provide you the emergency assistance you may need while travelling in any part of the globe. If access to the best healthcare providers and hospitals is a top priority for you while travelling, then we will provide consultations and establish a policy which will ensure that your needs are fulfilled. Contact us for more information on our varied insurance packages.


If you are looking for experience based travels which lead you off the beaten path and open your eyes to new ways of experiencing the world, then we can provide that for you. Partnering with premier experience providers such as Trekurious (, we bring to you the finest tease for the senses and happiness for the mind, through our carefully curated and highly sought after packages. Be it an exploration of nature’s best, a culinary journey or a foray into arts and crafts, we will understand your hearts desires and deliver.

Installment Payment Plans

We work closely with leading local and international banks to ensure that finances don’t stand in the way of your dream holiday. Make use of the attractive installment based payment plans that we have on offer, and you need look no further for travelling with peace of mind.

Travel Consultancy

You may be overwhelmed with the many offerings that are before you when it comes to taking your family for a leisure tour, or you may be searching for the perfect place for a corporate retreat that will rejuvenate your organization.

With our Corporate and Leisure Travel Consultancy Services, we will address all your concerns and advice you on the best possible methods for fulfilling your requirements. With the ability to provide hotel deals as well as other attractive transportation and experiential solutions, make FlyinStyle your one stop shop when it comes to the best travel advice in town.

Onsite Travel Managers

Your Corporate Travel Experience will be further enriched with the services of our trained onsite travel managers. Ideal for organizations hosting meetings, conferences, exhibitions or annual gatherings, this service includes the management of all dealings with the place of accommodation, participant management, smooth running of the programs, transportation management and overall experience management by one of our dedicated professionals who will remain onsite throughout your event.

Cruise Packages

Choose from a plethora of cruise packages to suit your tastes form around the world, from a romantic journey for two to a family vacation with fun and frolic. We will assist you in choosing and booking a cruise that will give you memories to last a lifetime. Sail into the big blue with Uniglobe FlyinStyle.